Conceive With Ease

Supporting the creation of Happy & Healthy Babies

This exceptional natural fertility program is designed for you to embark on ideally at least 3 months prior to trying to conceive.

More and more research in epigenetics show how our ancestral experiences and early experiences of life affect our cell memory and DNA expression.

Do you want to have a baby but have some reservations about becoming a parent?

Perhaps you had a rough start in life and don’t want to create the same conditions for your little one.

Or you know your parents did their best, but you have health conditions and/or limiting beliefs and behaviours that you really don’t want to pass on to the next generation?

This fertility program combines natural fertility and yoga based tools alongside the Emotional & Mental Detox program. Through the 12 week program you will be applying these tools and re-programming your subconscious, to support you to make an internal shift that lasts, and lay the foundation for a healthy conception and pregnancy.

The first 6 weeks are focused on detoxifying all the major emotional states that can get in the way of falling pregnant/staying pregnant. These emotional and psychological states can even pass down from one generation to the other, so it really is the greatest gift you can give an unborn child……the intention to heal the damage present in you, before making another life responsible for carrying it forward.

The second half of the program takes you into the natural fertility and physical, yoga based practices that will help create the space for a healthy conception.

We will cover:

  • Aligning with your intention to conceive with ease a happy and healthy baby- take care of any resistance you find & discover how to transform it into supporting your intention.
  • Moon magic: learn the secrets of your moon time and enhance your natural fertility awareness….its good to know when to plant a seed so it has the best chance to grow!
  • Getting on the same page- sacred practices to unite and deepen intimacy for couples intending to conceive. Getting to know the soul that wants to come to you.
  • Creating the optimal environment for a happy and healthy pregnancy & family life…..what does this mean for you specifically? What does the soul that comes to you, need to be prepared for?
  • Yoga practices for each stage of your cycle….what to do when you are preparing to conceive and what to do after the alchemical moment
  • Nutrition and lifestyle secrets that change everything and improve your fertility diet
  • Clearing guilt, blame, shame, anger, rage, sorrow and any other negative belief or emotion you don’t want to pass down to your little one:


The Emotional Mental Detox Method is part of this program as it deals specifically with the negative programming we have around all areas of our lives that may influence our sexual energy and expression.

This program can be delivered as a digital product or with Mastermind Live weekly webinar support.

Please read what others have said about the Mastermind program here

If you’d like to find out more about working with me through the Mastermind program so you can boost your results and easily deal with the challenges that come up, please click this link to schedule a free 30 minute Breakthrough call with me.

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