Feeling anxious, depressed or just empty…. this is for you

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Hello there, Rozy Glow here.

I am just wanting to reach out to you at time of year where all the movies say this is supposed to be a ‘wonderful time’ and everybody’s ‘having a great time’. Yet for so many people it is a time when we are starkly faced with the things that we feel we lack – usually time, money and love….

My question to you is what are you going to do about it for yourself this Christmas?

Are you going to use this time as an opportunity to numb out? To overindulge and to do the ‘I’ll deal with it in the new year with my New Year’s resolutions’ thang?……Only to find you start another year cycle trying to fill this lack 🙁 This space of emptiness is something that isn’t going to fulfill you through 2018 so are you going to use this as an opportunity to grow in yourself?

This is time for you to nurture and nourish yourself. To seed the very things that you want to see growing through the next 12 months. This is why I created the Festive First Aid bite size toolkit to help you through this time – because it is a time when we often feel lost, when we feel that we don’t have things that we want to materialise. Then we can get really stuck in a rut. The rut of victim consciousness….

I am inviting you out of that rut into a place of empowerment, where you can claim your stake as a co-creator of your reality. Start to see how re-framing things is how you begin your change. What you attract and what we need to radiate so that we can bring it into our lives. This toolkit is designed to help you to do just that – whether you are feeling anxious, depressed or just empty you’re going to be able to overcome and navigate the challenging relationships you have in your life.

Through a variety of guided videos, cheat sheets, yoga and tools to keep you (and your metabolism) going. To help you to deal with lack, overindulgence and whatever rut we face and instead adopt a fresh approach to this time – so that you really come out on top and you’re ready to face the new year full of optimism full of joy 🙂

Know that you are that step closer to achieving what you want.

I often talk about miracles, miracles are a shift in your perspective…. Festive First Aid allows you to shift your perspective, it makes you the co-creator of your reality.

Festive First Aid only £47!

I’ve massively reduced the price for you for this Christmas period, only until the 24th of December! from £298 to £47. Save £250!

You can use the tools all year through for any stressful scenario. Any time where you would normally adopt attitudes and behaviours that you later regret.

I know you’re going to love it, please do also share with those you love.

Rozy x

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