The Transformational Coaching Programme That Will Help You Make The Changes Need To Live Your Most Joyous, Authentic Life Yet

Move From Fear To Freedom & Create The Life You Crave.

Discover the skills you need to co-create the life YOU want to live. Step into your authenticity. Free yourself from the limiting conditioning and beliefs holding you back.

Reprogram your Past, Embrace your Present, Love your Future!

I already know I want to Fearless and Empowered

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You’ve made some changes and tried being more positive but it’s a struggle and you still feel something is missing.

You wish that you could make the changes you want to make in your life with ease.

You’re fed up of feeling as if life is passing you by while everyone else seems to have it together.

The life you’re living now seems so far away from the one you dreamed of and you’re not sure how you get here. You want more than anything to feel in control of your life rather than trapped by circumstance.

Your job, your salary, your relationships, where you live.

Do you know the single overriding making you feel like this?

FEAR | Fear of failure | Fear of success | Fear of what if

Many of us aren’t aware of how much fear runs our lives.

The decisions we don’t make based on what might happen.

The decisions we make based on what might never happen.

The things we don’t do based on what others might think of us.

The jobs we never applied for. The job we can’t leave. The relationship we’re unhappy in…

It all comes down to fear. Fear of the unknown.

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Life doesn’t have to be lived from a place of fear.

How would life change for you if you were in a position to design a FEARLESS life of your choosing?

How EMPOWERED would you feel to be able to get to the heart of the negative emotion and self-limiting beliefs holding you back?

What would it do for you to be FREE of your resistance to change and deal with your internal saboteur once and for all?


Perhaps you’ve tried the odd bit of meditation, bought the self-development books, even tried vision boarding but still nothing.

You’re tired, overweight, working all hours, don’t exercise and your diet leaves a lot to be desired. You know exactly what you should be thinking, doing, eating to improve things yet you can’t seem to pull yourself out of this funk.


What the books and gurus don’t tell you is that all the meditation, Law of Attraction and visualisation in the world is not enough to magically create the life you want. If all it took was thinking it into existence we wouldn’t need books on how to make it happen.

These things have their place but as with any tools, they are only as useful as the person using them. Things really changed for me was when I accepted I was living my life from a place of fear rather than freedom.

I realised then, if I was looking to attain a lifestyle I had never had before, I would need help. It was then I discovered the work of Suzanna Kennedy. During my transformation I realised the key to mastering my own life and success, in general, could be found in these three things:

Action, Repetition and Accountability.

How many times have you purchased a course or a book and not put into practice what was required to get the results you wanted?

How many times have you fallen back into old habits of thinking and feeling because they are so ingrained it they seem almost impossible to shift?

How many times have you made a decision to make a change or started a programme really strong only for your enthusiasm to tail off after a few weeks?

If you’re anything like I was probably countless times!



  • Let go of the stories you keep telling yourself and the crippling habits that no longer serve you to help you shift from the paradigm of fear and struggle to one of love and thriving?
  • Create a system for your life that works and set boundaries that allow you to be the person you deserve to be?
  • Tackle once and for all the emotions and limiting beliefs weighing you down and stopping you from living the life you are destined for?
  • End your resistance to change for good through increased confidence in your ability to deal with anything that comes your way?
  • Co-create the life YOU want to live….one that is authentic to you, free of the limiting conditioning and beliefs passed down from others?
  • Wake up every single day feeling FREE?


FearLESS, Empowered & FREE 2 be ME is a 13-week program of Release, Re-Alignment, Emotional & Mental Detox, Cellular memory and Ancestral Influence Reprogramming to help you banish the fear holding you back from living the life you deserve.

This reprogramming will ground you through yoga-based practices that will enable you to learn to move past internal resistance and befriend that which once kept you feeling stuck.

FEF2BM consists of 13 live weekly video coaching sessions and a host of multimedia including video, audio and workbooks to appeal to your conscious and subconscious mind and help embed the new information you’ll learn.

In the first week, we start with uncovering the FearLESS Living FunDAMENTALS which is the foundation of the transformation you will undergo. This will be followed by two more weeks of intense mindset shifting work. We will explore the basics of co-creating our reality. We will explore body, sound and breath based practices through video-based content that will prepare you for the emotional and mental detox modules and support you through the Release and Transformation phase.

The next step is working detoxing and reprogramming the thoughts, behaviours and patterns which no longer serve you. The e-book based content in these modules will offer you insight into the detox process in addition to helping you deal with any detox symptoms you may experience.

Audio meditations serve to detoxify and reprogram your subconscious beliefs around each ‘problem’ area of your life. The process is simple and graceful and will access the root cause of whatever disharmony or blockage currently occurring in your life.

The meditations will do the detox work for you while you relax. Your subconscious will be reprogrammed in alignment with supporting you in co-creating your reality to step into the best version of yourself.

An e-book and empowerment guide accompanies the audio modules and will support you to get the most out of your reprogramming. These modules are designed by Suzanna Kennedy and serve to anchor deep and lasting change into the subconscious mind to ensure the changes made are lasting.

Once the cause of each problem area is addressed, the detox is speeded up and the next step is to move on to grounding the transformation in your physical body. In addition to the conscious and subconscious, this ensures that the memory of the change and reprogramming is retained completely.

The final three modules of this transformational programme are also video and workbook based and will support you in using your gift of co-creation to fashion your new reality by shaping it with your conscious will and imagination.

You will discover the tools needed to cope with challenges posed when an echo of your past programming comes up. The tools will prove especially useful when dealing with those around you who are used to you behaving and acting from your old paradigm. You will be equipped with an entire framework of tools you can choose from to create and implement your personal daily practices for sharing the New, Fearless, Empowered and Free version of yourself.

The entire programme will guide you to explore and embrace all that YOU truly are.

I’ll be here to support you on the journey every step of the way!

Here’s an overview of the modules we will work through together:

Module 1: FearLESS Living Fundamentals

The fundamental principles of moving out of fear based living (survival thinking) to living in love and trust. The foundation blocks of the entire program are clearly outlined in this module. Upon completion, you will have opened a dialogue between your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and the sensations these bring up in your body. You will also be clear about all the key ways that fear currently governs your life! You will be taught simple but transformational sound, visualisation and breathe yoga based tools to begin to clear stuck energy and limiting beliefs in your physical body.

Module 2: The Magic of For-Give-Ness

This module gives you the physical yoga based tools to restore balance within your system. It will allow you to release the past with ease and provide you with physical tools for forgiving yourself as well as others. Module 2 also offers you creative processes for transforming negativity into love. You will learn how to balance your yin and yang energy, find your optimal balance and equilibrium to enable you to slow down or fire yourself up at will. You will learn where you hold pain in your body and what issues in your life each pain relates to. If required, I’ll share with you a yoga sequence to support you through what comes up.

Module 3: Setting Clear Intentions With Laser Beam Focus
In this module, you will learn to set your vibration & access your ‘pulling power’. You’ll be able to set intentions in your life and clear up the resistance you have to manifest these intentions with grace and ease. This module looks at the story of your life and helps you to rewrite it. At this stage, you will be introduced to co-creating tools that will support you through the following six EM Detox Modules and yoga postures for releasing deep holding patterns. You will move from a place of judgement to becoming the observer and co-creator.
Module 4: Male Aspect Detox – Anger & distrust of men and male energy
In this module, you will undergo the process of clearing your subconscious mind of all negative memories, experiences, beliefs and inherited programming that relates to and creates negativity with the men in your life and patriarchy based systems. Your relationships with male figures in your life and with your own inner male (we all possess both masculine and feminine traits which, for many of us can be distorted and out of balance) will be improved.
Module 5: Female Aspect Detox – Anger & distrust of women and feminine energy
In this module, you clear your subconscious mind of all negative memories, experiences, beliefs and inherited programming that relates to and creates negativity with the women in your life and with the cycles of nature. It will improve your relationships with women in general and with your own inner female (we all possess both masculine and feminine traits which, for many of us can be distorted and out of balance).
Module 6: Fear Aspect Detox
The biggie for so may of us. This module clears the fear conditioning inherited from our families, culture and from society at large. Blast through the fear paradigm!
Module 7: Pain Aspect Detox
By completing this module you will have rewired any addiction to any pain you have in your life whether physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. Pain is the result of resistance to eternal truth. This module transforms the resistance into acceptance of what is.
Module 8: Guilt Aspect Detox
The poison of guilt that acts like the gremlin of judgment in your head, is nicely transformed into self-love, acceptance and compassion.
Module 9: Lack Detox
This module blasts out of your mind, any perception of lack in your life whether a lack of money, time, love or health. You are cleared from the self-sabotaging programs that keep you in a state of mental lack that manifest as physical lack into an abundance of all that you want! For there truly is plenty.
Module 10: EMPOWERMENT! The vital and new ME: Making the small changes that make a BIG difference
You will learn to work with your subtle body system in a unique and fun way to take the judgement out of current lifestyle choices and support the results your vital and new self wishes to co-create, enjoy and experience. This is like removing the foundation bricks from a wall you’d like to see come tumbling down!
Module 11: FearLESS SOS:
With the cache of tools you have amassed so far you’ll have discovered which ones work best for you? By completing this module, you’ll have created your own FearLESS SOS Self Empowerment Toolkit, for those moments where panic normally strikes and old habits resurface.
Module 12: FREEDOM: Aligning with the greatest version of yourself
Not only will you have cleaned up your own subconscious and conscious mind, you will now be aligning in all ways with your greatest version of yourself and creating a toolkit for moving you into what you want to create NEXT. This module is your graduation into self-mastery and conscious co-creating. No more victim consciousness, no more fear as an excuse for staying where you are. Change is now FAR TOO EXCITING to resist!

Reprogram your life for success!






Gain access to my FEF2BM Private Membership group. (Annual Value £197)

I’m so excited to have you as part of my exclusive VIP Facebook community. The community will provide a safe space for you to get 1-2-1 and groups support as you work through the programme.

An intimate space to talk about, share and inspire each other. This group is a great place connect with others on a similar journey.

I will be popping into the Facebook group daily to respond personally to any comments, questions and breakthroughs.


Sphere of Compassion and I AM presence invocation cheat sheet (Value £29)

Sphere of Compassion is the main co-creating tool used in reality crafting. This is the process of manifesting your intentions in physical reality. You’ve heard of ‘The Secret’ and Law of Attraction. What isn’t explained is that physical manifestation is a direct result of co-creation. Once you learn how to activate your co-creation abilities, you will be able to raise your vibration at will to match that you wish to attract.


Morning Invocation and Seed Sound practice for clearing energy centres bonus video (Value £29)

The Morning Invocation connects you to the source of all that is, the heart of our planet (Gaia) and your own higher self. The most evolved version of yourself already living the life you wish to create. As you re-connect with the support system that has always been available to you, resistance is quickly and easily cleared. You will find it easier to stay in the vibrational frequency that supports the manifestation of your intentions.


“I feel alive!

I’m feeling really empowered to be myself coming out of this course. Thank you sooooo much, Rozy!

My past and background culture have slowly suppressed many of my inner interests, passions and thoughts, at the same time instilled fear in being my real self over all these years. There were many times I didn’t dare to fully express or voice my opinion unless I strongly know the facts.

Many times my gut feelings didn’t fail me, but I doubted them. Those gut feelings or instincts actually came through life experiences and I had some facts to back it up…but when I couldn’t relate it to any specific articles or proof to others, I doubted myself.

It’s not that I am totally fearless now. I am feeling encouraged to take those fear into my hands, understand them, and see how I can turn it around or create something positive out of it.

Apart from the tools (yoga exercises and EM detox for me) that were given during this course, I personally found different things that are helpful in times of doubt or fear again.

My heart is crying out again, excited, anxious to do the things I always want to do.

I can’t wait to discover more strengths in myself!”

Jen, Brighton

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Before you embark on the FEF2BM Programme there are a few things you should know:

This programme will assist you in clearing family trauma that may have been passed from one generation to the next. This could be present through genetic mutations and also through family behaviour patterns and beliefs.

We are destined to recreate the patterns and behaviours of the past until we make a conscious choice and align our subconscious expectation and programming with it.

The FEF2BM programme gives you the tools to do just that – align your subconscious with your conscious will.

Expect to reduce stress levels, discover a variety of relaxation tools and find which ones work best for you. You will also learn how to calm an obsessive mind and reframe situations you encounter so that feeling empowered, confident in yourself, and receptive to the support of life becomes your new ‘normal’.

Please note that this course is NOT a substitute for psychiatric and/or medical treatment and it cases of severe trauma or history of abuse it is imperative that the FEARLESS, EMPOWERED AND FREE TO BE ME program is done alongside and not instead of therapy/counselling and/or other prescribed treatment program.


HI, I AM Rosanna Kalliabetsos,

A spiritual Midwife, Yoga Teacher & Intuitive Coach who empowers those ready to activate their authentic self and claim their power as co-creators of their own reality and divine multi-dimensional beings of lovelight. I’m founder of Rozy Glow and an Emotional & Mental Detox (EMD) coach with over 15 years experience.

I help people just like you equip themselves with the tools needed to live a life of happiness and abundance. Together, we will work to help you co-create the life you desire.

How do I know how to do this works? Well, I have been where you are right now.

I was 22 when my daughter was born and my life changed fundamentally. I was unfulfilled, depressed and unsatisfied when I should have been revelling in the beautiful new life I had brought into the world.

I survived a difficult pregnancy, a very challenging birth and now she was here. Why wasn’t I happy? The longer I ignored my deep feelings, the more depressed I felt. I ate for comfort, craved caffeine, sugar highs, smoked, overworked and distracted myself every way I could.

I was in a psychologically and emotionally abusive relationship that I had no idea how to handle.

It took time to realise it was dysfunctional patterns of behaviour I had in my own programming that was attracting this abuse into my life.

Finally, the light bulb went on. I needed to do something for myself! That’s when my yoga journey truly began. I devoured the philosophy, but something still was still missing. I found myself conforming yet again; trying to be the perfect yogi.

I soon realised that my ancestral influences had shrouded me in fear. I was consumed by it – fear of success, making money, death, pain, childbirth, mothering, my own power, men and intimacy.

I realised (through a lot of trial and error) that my outer relationships and circumstances reflected the relationship I had with myself. Nothing outside would change until I felt safe and happy on the inside. This could only come from radical self-love, acceptance and forgiveness of myself.

I discovered Dr Bruce Lipton and Susanna Kennedy’s work and underwent the Emotional & Mental Detox (EMD) programme. It was a complete transformation process.

Life is completely different for me. I’m at peace with who I am. I do work that I love with those who need help finding their enlightenment. The relationships I have with those around me are love based.

I know what it’s like to feel trapped in a life based around fear, I also know the freedom that comes from taking the leap into putting yourself first and creating the life of your dreams!

I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible step into their power and co-create the life they want, taking them from a place of fear and lack, to one of love and abundance in all areas of their lives!

Love Rozy Xx



A Word on Live Coaching…

I am so excited about working with you and am looking forward to supporting you on your journey. There is the option for a self-study course and you will still reap the benefits of FEF2BM. I have personally been through the EM Detox process and know first hand how much is gained through live coaching.

Here are a few reasons why I recommend live coaching over self-study:

  • In 3 months of live coaching, I got further than 10 years of self-study! You can see from my badges how much I study. How long do you want to have to wait to get the results?
  • Reality Crafting – This alone is worth is worth the live coaching. Reality Crafting is an alchemical process of tuning into the feeling state you want to be in and clearing the blocks that hold you in a different vibration or frequency. Literally worth its weight in gold.
  • Support and accountability – there is nothing like knowing there is a group of like-minded women and or a coach who have your back through this process and who understand your journey
  • You will be encouraged to keep on track with your studies and have access to me for any challenges you may face along the way
  • As a client you and the group you will receive online support from me and or the group and can celebrate or discuss challenges ahead of weekly session so Reality Crafting practices are tailor made to you
  • All live sessions will have replay links available, so if you miss a session you can go back over the material in your own time
  • Group coaching offers a mix of Live check in, Reality crafting to clear blocks & presentation of a theme covered by the listed modules
  • You will be part of a small, intimate and private group of women, supporting each other in co-creating the life you desire


If everything you have read so far about living from a place of fear resonates with you then this program is for you

If you are ready to unlearn everything you think you already know about yourself, this program is for you

If you are ready to step into your most vibrant brilliant self, confident in your abilities to create the life you want and master your own destiny this program is for you

X If you don’t believe that your life can change and that your destiny is already mapped out, this program is not for you

X If you are unable to commit the time needed to work through the program to get the results that you want, this programme is not for you

X If you believe that buying a program will be enough to make a transformation in your life without doing the supportive work required this program is definitely not for you


How many hours per week do I need to invest in going through the course materials?

If you choose to invest in the self-study digital program, expect to spend between 2.5- 3.5 hrs a week going through the course content, this includes any suggestions for daily practices offered.

If you are embarking on the group or individual coaching program, 4-5 hrs a week includes the weekly live coaching time.

What equipment will I need to make sure I have before starting the programme?

Everybody doing the programme will need a computer with audio output and an internet connection.

You will also be required to purchase Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (look for those sold ‘with the mother’) and it’s helpful to buy a 5-litre bottle so you have plenty to see you through. This is for the detox baths recommended throughout the programme.

If you don’t have a bath you can do footbaths but will need to use the same amount of vinegar. Amazon does very good deals on various brands including this one.

You will also benefit from having a yoga mat and cushions for the yoga practices, and a yoga bolster is very helpful if you have one. Rolling up a couple of blankets and trying together is another solution.

For those doing the weekly live coaching, you will also need a headset and to be plugged into your router if at all possible during the live video calls.

Other suggestions for life changing products are suggested where relevant, and we have done our best to offer solutions for every budget.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

You enter into an energetic exchange with the content you receive and your own multi-dimensional self as soon as you commit to the program. Going through the whole process, not engaging fully with the tools and allowing doubt to rob you of your whole-hearted participation, will keep you locked in the mindset that prevents you from breaking free from your conditioning.

Making a commitment to the programme means making a commitment to yourself. You can’t help but see positive results once you do that!

Whilst I cannot guarantee that you will be a millionaire by the end of this course, what I CAN promise you is that you will feel much happier, healthier, tuned in and confident in yourself, your intuition & life.

If you complete the program and truly do not feel you have benefited in any way, I am happy to offer a refund subject to the conditions outlined below being met.

A money back guarantee is only offered after you have provided evidence of having completed all the tasks set out in the 12 modules, including all the written content, video & audio content. You will be asked to go through which elements of the program you have implemented through a coaching call with Rozy once you have submitted the work required.

Reprogram your past, embrace your present, LOVE your future and step into your greatness.


Welcome to the ultimate physical, emotional & mental detox program, designed to heal the root causes of your perceived suffering AND give you the tools to deal with the symptoms of discomfort and discord you are experiencing.

We are living in a world where many people are waking up from the conditioning that has bound them to be stuck in victim consciousness and suffering on every level that passes from one generation to another.

Medical breakthroughs focus on looking for health issues in our genes. Yet, this approach is based on a biomechanical understanding of health and well-being that does not recognise how influential the environment we grow up and live in, affects our gene expression.

We live in a world that controls masses of people through fear tactics- turn on the news, read a newspaper or have a gossip with your friends, and you get the point.

Fear feeds fear. Anxiety, stress, panic attacks…..these are not the traits of happy people who feel safe in the world.

Why don’t we feel safe? We are not conditioned to feel safe!

And where does our conditioning come from? The biological parents who created us, their cellular memory, their ancestral influences, our experience in the womb, our birth and the first 7 years of our lives AND the influence of those we grew up around, our culture, religion and society.

So this is the long way around of saying….whatever you are suffering with….you didn’t cause it. It’s not your fault. It’s actually no one’s fault, as we are all the products of what happened before us….and before our consciousness took a moment to say….’hey….something isn’t right here. Is this all that I’m meant to be? All I’m meant to experience in this journey on earth?’.

The thing is. No, you are not to blame. But yes, it is yours to deal with…to accept, own, love and transform, in order to be free from it and to experience what exists beyond your perceived limitations.

And this is what the FearLESS, Empowered & FREE 2 b ME program offers you…..the opportunity to clear all erroneous beliefs, programs, conditioning, cellular memory AND ancestral influences that keep you stuck in the loop you want to break free from.

How does this program work?


You have 12 modules to experience and dive into. You can either go down the self-study root and take all the time you need or you can take the fast track and follow the modules in conjunction with my 3 or 6-month online coaching program.

The coaching supports you through the challenges you experience on your journey, answers any questions you have and magnifies your celebrations. There is nothing like working with a small group of like-minded people and a coach who’s already been through the process, to hold your hand and guide you through. In three months of working with the digital content and weekly coaching calls, you have the opportunity to bypass 10-15 years of trial and error and slow progress.

There is no rush, but if you are fed up of feeling stuck and you are ready to take a leap of faith, this is what the coaching program and digital content are designed to do.

The FearLESS, Empowered & FREE 2 b ME program is delivered via audio, video and text format. You have enough resources included in this program to last you a lifetime, and certainly a whole year of new content.

The program takes you from being a soldier of fortune to a co-creator of your own reality.

Instead of constantly reacting to life the way you learned to, you become able to choose your response and influence your experience of life, just through changing the way you view the world, yourself, and all those you know, love and don’t love!