Full Moon in Pisces Meditation

So here it is….the EPIC Full moon in pisces meditation! Yes it’s a whopper….and SUPER powerful….if any of you have wondered what type of work i do in my coaching work and private sessions….this is a good example!
Obviously…..if you are serious about doing deep lasting work, then re programming your sub conscious is how you get there, and this is what i offer in my coaching and online programs.

To find out more about my FearLESS, Empowered & FREE 2 b ME course available as a self study or coaching program, look here: http://rozyglow.com/fef2bm-2-2/

And for more info on my Conceive with Ease program, look here: http://rozyglow.com/conceive-with-ease1/

For those of you who want to take the next step regarding working with me…I am offering a FREE Breakthrough to Freedom call for those who watch this meditation and want to do more.
You can book your call with me by following the link below but PLEASE check your spam and promotions inbox for confirmation emails and preparation instructions from me!  https://my.timetrade.com/book/N5ZCH

You aint got NOTHING to lose, but pain, discomfort, frustration, lack of energy, constant stress…..
Ive learned to break free from all this and so can YOU!

In this crazy and beautiful world we are living in, trying to control external factors leads to pain. Change your inner world, expectations and experience, and things change around you. And even if you can’t change others….by doing the inner work you allow the resources you need into your world to support you to learn from all you are experience and break the struggle and fear cycle once and for all.

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