Rozy Coloured Glasses #45: I AM releasing all the pain inside of me….


Happy Rozy Coloured Glasses!💟💟
💟 I AM willing to release the pain inside of me and invite (or invoke!) the violet flame to set it FREE! 💟
Well my friends. After last week’s power mantra and Ganesha’s help, I manifested an acute awareness of trapped pain in my body! Emotional pain, manifested literally as nerve pain (trapped nerve lol) , in my physical body.
‘Why is this happening? ‘I asked. To become aware of what is blocking me from manifesting what I want, and keeps me creating what I don’t want (those old stories we tell ourselves, that make us miserable but we are so attached to). I’m helpless! I can’t do this! I’m not good enough! Sound familiar? We don’t like to feel shit, I certainly don’t. And we do what we can to shift the shit. But sometimes we just need to b with it, with what is there, de personalizing it enough so we can allow ourselves to b with it fully. Hence why I used ‘the pain’ instead of ‘my pain’. It probably isn’t your pain. It’s a pain you inherited as a perception, experience or belief, that you have dutifully kept alive out of love for those that gave it to you. Is it serving you though? If so, how? Is it keeping you trapped or setting you free? Ready to swap duality for oneness? Love or hate for compassion?
Then invite St Germain s violet flame and suchi mudra to literally drop the shit.
My back pain relates to my mum dying. But it’s not her death. It’s what she represented. She was my security, my comfort, my stability, my constant source of love & acceptance. And in her going, I have had to let go of the belief that I can’t cope on my own, that I need someone or something outside of me to help me feel safe. I am my safety, I am my security, I am my own comfort & love. As I choose this new belief consciously I can begin to enjoy seeing it manifest in my life more and more. Because, I, like you, am Co creating my reality. I hope me sharing a snippet of my process will support you in yours.
Love from me, my bed, Lavender & Disco

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