The stark contrast between where we are, and where we want to be

Hello Rosanna here, founder of RozyGlow and InJoy! yoga.

I’m just considering this whole pain point of loss and lack of love over the festive period…. you know, sometimes we’ve lost a loved one that means a lot to us, sometimes a relationship has broken down beyond repair and sometimes we just know that this is not going to be the Christmas we want it to be.

It’s not what the movies are saying and it is so easy to be a time that we end up turning on ourselves and over indulging. Drinking too much, eating too much, shopping, getting into debt and over indulging in general. Here we find we are not actually giving ourselves the very love that we want others to give us….or the love we feel is lacking, the gaping hole left, because we’ve lost someone we love.

Well I have created the Festive First Aid toolkit to support you through these challenges of festive periods that are supposed to be times of joy – because it’s not joyful for everyone! People get divorced, people lose people, people die and we end up in situations where we find we’re single when we want to be our ‘ideal relationship’ 🙁 We can then feel a stark contrast between where we are, and where we want to be. This bite size toolkit is designed to help you to reframe wherever you feel a lack in your life – so that you can step into what you want to create and attract into your life what it is you want.

Self Guided Tool Kit includes;
Festive Sparkle 15 minute Yoga

Simple Yoga for Weight loss

Yoga for Anxiety

Relaxation Audio

The Secret to Having Enough Time

How to minimise Over Indulgence

Creating Win, Win Win Solutions worksheet

Guided video practices to overcome feelings of Loss and Lack


Radiate this frequency rather than looking to someone else, or something else, to fulfill you!

Short-term gain for long-term pain? Now we are flipping that upside down with our Festive First Aid kit at a super super special price of £47 instead of £297! You’re saving £250!

Now just think about that worth….. Do you feel you’re worthy of that? I’m making it even easier for you by making it a no brainer, and actually making it a price that everybody can afford…

The gifts in this toolkit are useful all year through. To support you to reframe the challenges in your life into opportunities for growth. And to nurture and nourish yourself the way that you wish to be nurtured. Now this doesn’t mean you are a doormat…. this is the other thing, it really supports you through because the tools ensure you are able to manage. If you are dealing with tricky situations and tricky relationships you can deal with things for your highest good. No longer accepting the unacceptable!

Finally being able to create the boundaries for a safe and loving time, and to respect your own boundaries so that other people respect them too. This is so very important with loved ones who don’t respect their own boundaries and therefore don’t know how to respect yours…. we all know people with like that!

The more you cultivate your own inner presence, which I call your divine spark, the more you realize that being with yourself this Christmas is not the ‘booby prize’ it is actually the greatest gift you can give yourself, and all those you love and the people you want to bring into your life this coming year :).

You know what…..? The more you are the frequency you want to attract then the more you’re going to attract something that can meet that frequency (and not remind you of the lack that you perceive in yourself) – It’s all in the toolkit…. check out Fearless First Aid and do take advantage of the offer it’s only available at that price until the 24th of December….

Love and Light from me to you,
Rozy x







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